Loosing a friend. 😭😔

Hello again!

So, I’m guessing that everyone reading this has probably lost a friend that used to mean the world to them!

Well, I’m actually going through this at the moment with one of my best friends. AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Especially if you don’t know what you’ve done wrong in the first place. 

So this is basically a summarisation of what actually happened… It started on social media when she was posting angry posts, then when I tried to ask what was wrong she totally ignored me and left all of the texting groups that I was in. She wouldn’t talk to me and I still don’t understand what I’ve actually done wrong. I saw her in person the next day (today) and she totally blanked me (including the rest of my friends) and She won’t talk to any of us.

Anyway, if this has or is happening to you, here are some tips not to do in this situation!

  • 1.) When your texting them don’t try and make it into a joke. I REPEAT do NOT try and make it into a joke!
  • 2.) Don’t try and change for them. If they don’t like you for who you are, then they obviously don’t deserve you. YOUR PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!
  • 3.) Tell the truth. If you lie about them then your basically doing the same thing that they are to you. And the truth always comes out in the end. Secrets don’t last forever!
  • 4.) When your telling the truth make sure you don’t accidentally laugh or smile because then they won’t believe you. I’ve done this so many times lol 😂!
  • 5.) Be the more mature one. Try to talk to them without loosing your patience. If you shout it will just turn into an argument and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone came to watch.

I’ll be honest! I think I’ve done most of the above at least once! Although, I never lie about things like this because it doesn’t really help or solve anything. I would definitely not recommend you do any of the above 😂😂 I know from experience!

If you have fallen out with a friend just remember that any of you fabulous people can talk to me! I know exactly how you feel 😔.

Toodles! 🤞💖

Summer 🌷🌞

Hey guys,

So, in my last blog I didn’t mention where I’m actually going this summer! 

Well… Where do I start? Firstly, I’m going to Spain in a 5 star ⭐️ hotel and it’s going to be amazing! The second place I’m going to is Walton on the Naze. Finally, the last place I’m going is Czech Republic with my best friend, as she invited me!

THATS A LOT OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!!!! I can’t wait to finally be at the beach again 🌊!

Anyway, I thought I’d give you some tips to make summer even more amazing! 

1.) DO NOT SIT INSIDE FOR THE WHOLE OF THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! If you stay inside watching tv 📺 you will regret it as soon as it finishes! (I know from experience)

2.) If you are a going to have a lazy day, you have to make it the best! That means about enough snacks to feed the world 🌎.

3.) Go to the beach 🌊 

4.) If you want to play your music 🎶, however, you have no speakers 🔊, you can just get a cup, put your phone 📱 in it, put on music and it works like a speaker!

5.) DIY SNACK JAR! When your at the beach and you have nowhere to put your snacks (small snacks) just put carrot sticks, cookies 🍪, slices of apple 🍎, cucumber slices 🥒 etc…

6.) Do you ever have that moment when your at the beach 🌊 and your flipflops/sandals get covered in sand or you can’t find them? Well… Before you go to the beach all you have to do is tie your flipflops to your beach bag 💼 and they won’t get sandy or lost!

7.) Get rid of the sand! When your at the beach and you get covered in sand, you don’t need to go through the struggle of trying to rub it all of! All you have to do is put baby 👶 powder on it, as it will come of SO much easier!

8.) When your eating popsicles and they melt really fast. Well, when your making them try adding jelo to them! They don’t melt as fast.

9.) when your at the beach, make sure you put your phone 📱 in a sandwich bag 💼 so that it won’t get covered in sand or sea water 💦!

10.) If the jelo life hack didn’t work for you… just take a cupcake case and put it through the stick of you popstickle and it will drip into the case instead of your fingers!

So… I hope you liked my summer tips! If you used any of them, please tell me in the comments!

Toodles 💖🌻

Camping in Whales 🐳 

Hey guys!

So, as you all might already know, I little while ago I blogged about something very exciting coming up! Well. Guess what…. IM GOING ON HOLODAY!!! And not just one holiday, FOUR! FOUR HOLDAYS!!! And, there all in the same 1-2 months! 

Also, I’m really sorry I haven’t blogged recently, however, I’ve been camping ⛺️ in Whales 🐳 with my best friend, which was the first holiday for this summer! AND THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNAL! 😭

Anyway, as I couldn’t blog throughout the trip I made sure that I took a dozen of pictures, which I’m going to share with you down below! So, thank you for reading my blog (if anyone is actually reading this, lol 😂). 

Toodles xxx

Over my biggest fear!

Hey guys!

So, if you read my last blog I said about how I had injections coming up. FOUR OF THEM!! Anyway, I had my first one today, and it really wasn’t as bad as I expected! I mean, of course it hurt a bit cause it’s a needle going into my arm, but it was only the after affect that kills like hell! (It still hurts).

However, I got over my worst fear of injections and I couldn’t be happier! Well, I obviously aren’t a big fan of them (but who likes injections?) ONLY 3 MORE TO GO!! Lol.

Also, In my other blog I mentioned that I had a maths exam. IT WAS THE LONGEST HOUR OF MY LIFE! It was so boring. I just wanted to go to sleep! However, that’s not even the worst part! The worst part is that I only had about 3-4 questions left, but I ran out of time! I was so close of finishing the most boring, longest, confusing test in the world!

Another thing that I’d like to mention, is that if two of your closest friends hate each other… WHAT DO YOU DO??? I always have that problem of being somehow involved in there arguments. For example, earlier I was just minding my own business, when suddenly I see my name being mentioned on a group chat. They were having a debate (argument) about which one of them I was closer too! seriously?

The thing is, I really don’t know who im closer to between them both. Does this ever happen to you guys? If it has please leave a comment down below how you solved this incident.

I’m sorry that this blog is quite sort, however, I’ve had quite a boring day today. (apart from the injections, obviously).


Toodles xx.


I’m Sorry

Hey guys!
So… Were do I start?

Firstly, I’m so so sooooo sorry that I haven’t been active recently, there’s just been so much going on!

As I’m still quite new to all of this I don’t really know how often I should post, so if you wouldn’t mind it would be so helpful if you told me how often you post in the comments.

Also, I have VERY bad news… I HAVE  TO HAVE INJECTIONS!!! And I don’t just mean 1, I’m talked about 2 of them that I’m having soon and then another 2 I’ll have to have 6 months later! So… wish me luck 😬😖. (And they’re at school, which makes it worse).

Injections are most probably my worst fear. I mean, what’s not scary about a large, pointy, sharp needle about to stab my arm? EVERYTHING! Please comment you worst fear in the comments, I’m intrigued!

Another thing that I’d like to bring up is that there’s this person. Let’s call him broccoli. I’m calling him broccoli because I hate the colour green and I’m not a big fan of vegetables. Anyway, when I first met broccoli he seemed quite nice, but then he became popular and started to change.

It started in science when he began being horrible to my best friend, let’s call her star ⭐️ (Because she is beautiful, kind and caring). He began calling star ugly and started making fun of her and he soon started doing it to me also. (I just don’t seem to care 😂).

However, one day I was ill and couldn’t come into school and stand up for star like I usually do. And that didn’t end well. Broccoli was horrible to her. He called her names, made fun of her and even turned almost the whole class against her.

Anyway, it’s been about 2-3 weeks since that day and broccoli has been acting strange around star and I. And we’ve started to wonder if he’s trying to forget the past and move on. I’m not sure though. Could someone really change that much?

Anyway, I have another problem… maths. Exam. Tomorrow. Morning. *sigh*! If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll probably know how much I hate maths. Dreamsandwavesxo has this in common 😂

Also, I don’t think your ready for this 😂. I HAVE GOOD NEWS 😱😂!!! IM GOING ON HOLIDAY!!! 😄😄😄 And I’m gonna be really annoying and not tell you were I’m going until nearer the time 😂😂😂.


Teenage girl problems.

Hello 😊

So, as I told you all yesterday that there’s been a video posted of me on instergram I thought I’d do a blog about the problems of teenage girls!

(I can probably relate to all of these).

1.) You have to look perfect when  you go out in public! 

2.) When you choose your daily outfit that ALSO has to be perfect.

3.) Apparently your only aloud ONE best friend! (So that your friends don’t get jealous when you do something with someone else).

4.) You can’t have embarrassing mugshots or videos (totally not me 🙄😬)

5.)You have to be carful what you eat in public!

6.) You can’t we’re either to much or not enough makeup!

7.) You can’t use/wear fake brands.

8.) You have to have at least one talent!

9.) You can’t wear clothes that are even the tiniest bit too small!

10.) You most definitely can not go outside without doing your hair and it not being perfect!

I have probably done every single one of these at least once! (Maybe a lot more 😂).

If you related to any of these and your actually reading this please comment which one you related to and what one you hate the most. 

Toodles 😊

Hello, everyone.

So, I’ve decided to start a blob.


sorry, I meant blog lol!

However, that’s a perfect example why I’ve started this blog. Because I’m physically a ball of embarrassment! I mean it! April fools day was yesterday and the worst thing happened to me! There’s now a video of me online. And not just any video. A VIDEO OF ME SINGING ‘HELLO’! And it doesn’t help that I’m wearing mini mouse pyjamas! I mean, I didn’t even know I was being recorded! Anyway, Its now been posted on instergram as an April fools prank! Yep. Well, I’m just happy that its the Easter holidays!

Also, that’s another reason why I’ve started this blog, because no matter what I say, nobody will ever know that it’s me. Which is why I’ve picked the username Unicorngirl783.

Another thing is that I always have SO MUCH going on inside of my tiny head, however, I’ve never really had anywhere to talk about it. But know I do! I just hope that if anyone actually reads this (which they most probably won’t) they won’t judge me badly in any way.

Anyway, as I’ve started this and explained why I’ve made this, you might like to know a bit about me. So..

1.) I’m VERY clumsy! And by when I say clumsy I mean if there was an award in the Olympics for being the clumsiest… I WOULD WIN FIRST PLACE!

2.) I love the piano/keyboard, photography, English (the subject), my friends and family, animals, drawing (even if I’m not very good at It), gymnastics, the colour pink and long walks.

3.) I hate maths, science, the people in my science class, SCHOOL, selfies (of only me), football, hockey, injections, the colour green and I also hate small places!

And that’s a bit about me which you probably didn’t know!

So, I don’t really know if I’m going to carry on blogging or not. However, if you’ve read this please tell what you think about my first blog and if you want me to carry on or not. (If anyone’s actually reading this anyway).