Highlights Of My 2018


Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m going to be talking about the highlights of my 2018.

If I’m honest, I haven’t had a very good year, however I have had some good moments that I will never forget.

Let’s start…


I think this was probably my favourite time of 2018. I went to Paris with my school and it was so fun!

My favourite part of the trip was probably Disney land because I’ve always wanted to go and going with my friends made it so much better.


I went on holiday to Turkey with my dad and stepmom and it was so fun. I think the most shocking part of the trip was when I went bungee jumping! I’d never bungee jumped before and it was amazing. It felt like I was flying!

School Music Concert

This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, however it was the first ever time I’d sang in front of an audience, my school. And my school is very judgemental, so I was so scared. But, it actually went really well and I’m doing another concert in July and I feel a lot more confident this time!

On the other hand, I am still scared because everybody told me that I did really well last time, so I feel like everyone expects me to be amazing and it’s a lot of pressure.

Moving Out

This was a big change in my life. If you haven’t read my blog “I moved out” you probably don’t know that I moved out of my mum’s house and moved in with my dad and stepmom.

I moved out because of a lot of reasons which I’m not going to discuss, however I’m so much happier at my dad’s house.


My uncle got a puppy! He is so cute and he reminds me of a teddy bear. He’s just so small and cute!

New friendships

I’ve made quite a lot of new friends this year and I’ve also gotten much closer to a lot of people who I never really spoke to.

It’s weird if I think about the friends I had when I started 2018 and the friends I have now. I guess I just became distant with a lot of people and we just don’t get along anymore.


So, I’m just going to call this boy ‘apple’ because I don’t want to expose his name. Wow I’m so basic. Anyway, I have a huge crush on this boy at my school and I feel like we’ve gotten a lot closer.

However, I’m never going to tell him how I feel because I don’t want to mess up our friendship. He just makes me so much happier and he’s always there for me.

I’ve only started to like him this year, so this is scary. I’m so scared that him or anyone else will find out, so I haven’t told anyone. Not even my best friends.

First Ever House Party

I went to my first ever house party this year! It was so fun and I had such a good time. I was scared to go because I only knew I few people who were going, but I went anyway and I actually got closer to a lot of the people who were there and I had such a great night.

Bonfire Night

I had such a good night on bonfire night! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a night were there is a huge firework display with lights and music.

It’s on every year and mostly everyone in my town goes, as it’s in a local park. It’s always so fun and this year, I went with my friends and I had such a good time.


Halloween was such a funny night! Just thinking about it makes me laugh. I’m to old to go out trick or treating now, as I’m 15, however me and my friends thought it would be funny if we went anyway πŸ˜‚!

We dressed up and I went as a ghost. I literally just cut out eye holes in a sheet and it was so funny! We actually got a lot of sweets. I had such a good time.


I had such a good Christmas. I spent Christmas with my dad’s side of the family this year for the first time. Usually, I spend Christmas with my mum, however, this year I spent it with my dad, stepmom, uncle and nan and it was so much fun!

Now that I’ve written all of my favourite moments of the year, I don’t think this year was actually that bad. I mean, I didn’t write about the bad things that happened, so that’s probably why.

Overall, I don’t think I had a terrible 2018! It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible. Hopefully, 2019 will be a better year. Fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Comment below your favourite part of 2018!

Toodles xxx


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