Blogmas Ideas Blogmas #20


Welcome back to blogmas. Today, I’m going to be giving you ideas for what to post for blogmas.

To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long in blogmas. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I’ve actually done quite well and I’ve enjoyed it so much!

I thought I was going to stop half way through but I’ve found blogmas so fun! I definitely recommend blogmas to any bloggers because it’s amazing. If you forget for a day or two, don’t give up, just carry on when you remember.

Anyway, let’s start…

1.) Your Christmas Calendar

2.) Best Christmas Songs

3.) Best Christmas Movies

4.) present Ideas

5.) Christmas Decorations

6.) Stocking Fillers

7.) Christmas Present Haul

8.) Things To Do In December

9.) Things To Do On Christmas

10.) What To Buy For Your Secret Santa

11.) Your Favourite Christmas Quotes

12.) Best Shops To Buy Presents

13.) Best Online Shops To Buy Presents

14.) Your Favourite Things About Christmas

15.) Your Christmas Traditions

16.) Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

17.) Christmas Songs That Bring Back Memories

18.) Blogmas Ideas

(Like this one)!

19.) Wrapping Weird Shaped Presents

20.) Christmas Life Hacks

21.) Best Christmas Books

(I haven’t actually read a lot of Christmas books, which is surprising. I want to read a Christmas book now… If anyone knows any good Christmas books, please comment them below).

22.) Best Christmas Series

23.) Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

24.) Your Christmas Tree

25.) Your Dream Christmas

26.) Christmas Lights In Your Town

27.) What You Got For Christmas

28.) Your Christmas Eve Routine

29.) Your Christmas Day Routine

30.) How To Plan For Christmas

These are all of my ideas for blogmas. I hope this blog helped you and you enjoyed it!

I don’t know how I just thought of 30 blogmas ideas so easily! I can never think of what to post, so this blog is probably going to help me for the last 5 days of blogmas!

Oh my god, we only have 5 days left of blogmas! That’s so sad! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. It’s going to be Christmas in 5 days! Where did the month go?

Toodles xxx


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