Stocking fillers Blogmas #8 (CC) 🎁


So, earlier I discovered how stupid I am!

In my first blog of doing this series, I was like ‘I don’t know if anyone has ever done a series like this before.’

Today, I realised I’m just doing blogmas πŸ˜‚! How did I not realise this?!?! So, I’m just going to start naming these blogs blogmas because that’s what it’s called πŸ˜‚!

Anyway, in this blog I’m going to be giving you stocking filler ideas!

So, let’s begin…

1.) Christmas Chocolate

2.) Nail Varnish

3.) Makeup

4.) Stationary

5.) Badges

6.) Christmas Sweets

7.) Key rings

8.) Hair Bands

9.) Jewellery

10.) Hair Accessories

11.) False Nails

12.) Slime

12.) Gloves

13.) Fluffy Socks

14.) Card Games

15.) Bubbles

15.) Note Books

16.) Books

17.) Water Bottles

18.) Hand Cream

19.) Purse/wallet

20.) Perfume

21.) Speaker

22.) Portable Charger

23.) Phone Case

24.) Toothbrush

25.) Chocolate Coins

26.) Shower Gel

27.) Scratch Card

28.) Comic/magazine

29.) Small Teddy

30.) Body Spray/deodorant

31.) Calendar

32.) Torch

33.) Reese Cups

34.) DVD

35.) CD

36.) Stickers

37.) Bubble Gum

38.) Figurines

39.) Bath Bombs

40.) Bath Salts

Omg I didn’t know I knew that many! I always go overboard with Christmas presents! I’ve already got so many Christmas presents for my friends and family, I’ll probably do a Christmas present haul in my next blog.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope these ideas helped you.

Toodles xxx


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