Paris 🥐⛴


I’m writing in this font because I feel like it relates to Paris’s romance… I’m in a weird mood so I just wouldn’t question any randomness in this blog 😂.

So, some of you might already know that I went to Paris!

It was a school trip and it was so much fun; I enjoyed it so much!

I went with some of my best friends and I had such a good time.

Unsurprisingly, It thundered one of the days but the weather was so hot for the rest of the trip. When I say thundered; I literally mean an enormous storm!

Anyway, when I went away we did a lot of activities and we visited quite a lot of places.

Places where you should definitely go if you go to Paris…

– Disneyland

– The Eiffel Tower

– The souvenir shops ( Let’s admit it, everyone loves futile but cute souvenirs).

– Boat trips (It’s like a tour around Paris on a boat, it’s amazing and it was so beautiful!)

Personally, I think that Disneyland is definitely one of the happiest places on earth! I feel like it just make everyone so happy!

Rides to definitely go on if you go to Disneyland…

– Tower Of Terror

– Rock ‘n’ roller coaster

– Space Mountain: Mission 2

Also, the Eiffel Tower is a very happy place. It’s so romantic, beautiful and interesting! The view is just astonishing!

However, when I was walking down the Eiffel Tower, I slipped and I fell down a few of the steps and I’m pretty sure I sprained my ankle because it hurt so much!

I’m just to clumsy for the Eiffel Tower. I don’t think it was made for people like me 😂😂.

Words to describe the Eiffel Tower…

– Breathtaking

– Majestic

– Astonishing

– Beautiful

– Dangerous 😂😂😂

I had never actually been to Paris before! I mean, I went to France for about an hour last year but that was only because we had to get the train from France to get to Monte Carlo.


When I went to Monte Carlo with my nan we got lost and couldn’t find the train station because there was a lot of construction work and all of the signs were in French. So my nan tried to speak French to some people to ask them where the train station was, but we had no idea what they were saying. We thought they were telling us to follow them because they were going to the train station as well; but they weren’t… It turns out, we were just stalking some French people thinking that they were taking us to the train station 😂. After about 10 minutes they turned around and started shouting at us in French and we had no idea what they were talking about 😂😂😂. They were so angry and we didn’t know why 😂! Don’t worry… we found the train station in the end.

Anyway, I’ve gone of topic again and now I’m rambling…

I’m sorry if I’m boring you to death.

Here are the photos I took when I went to Paris.


Eiffel Tower


The Ferry

The Disneyland floats

So, that’s the end of this blog!

I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, like it so that I know.

Toodles xxx


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