INFINITY WAR review!!!


So, I watched infinity war on the weekend and I loved it! (I won’t give away any spoilers so don’t worry).

However, I think it was a bit disappointing because it felt like the movie was a bit rushed and they tried to include way to many characters.

I think that they should’ve made more of the infinity war films so that they could improve the story’s of the other marvel characters who were in the movie.

I loved the ending of the movie, however, it was absolutely devastating! I cried so much and everyone kept staring at me like I’m crazy. The man next to me looked kinda concerned; I was concerned that he wasn’t crying.

I’m glad that there’s going to be a second part of Infinity War because I feel like it was DEFINITELY not the end for some of the characters!

I’ve seen every single marvel movie and I don’t think this was my favourite. My favourite marvel movie is probably still Spider-Man Homecoming or Thor ragnorock or Guardians of the galaxy (1 and 2) I don’t know which movie is my favourite out of those.

However, my favourite marvel character is definitely be Spider-Man and it probably always will be.

Ok ok, so I’m going to stop rambling about marvel now because I’m going of topic with my obsession of Spider-Man (shh).

Who’s your favourite marvel character?

Toodles xx


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